I highly recommend Kevin's clinics to anyone who is serious about improving as a baseball player. My sons have attended Kevin's Pitching and Hitting Clinics and Spring Training Clinic. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable about the game and is an excellent teacher. In addition, he is fantastic working with kids - he knows how to speak to kids and keep them engaged, and he clearly cares about each student he works with.

I have also attended Kevin's Coach the Coach Clinics, which I have found very helpful in my own coaching of little league - I often use drills Kevin has taught me. Kevin has the rare combination of baseball knowledge and the ability to convey that knowledge to players at all skill levels.

Doug Whitaker
Parent/Youth Coach
June 6, 2017

Medfield Youth Baseball and Softball set out to improve the playing experience for kids by improving the coaching they received. We needed a Coach the Coach program that had an equal share of fundamental training, team/practice/game management training, and "positive attitude" training. Kevin O'Brien, with his credentials as a player, scout, and coach, as well as his energy and enthusiasm for the game, and supportive, positive attitude is an important part of our program to help our coaches improve their coaching. Kevin ran our Coach the Coach clinic with over 30 volunteer coaches attending. He had the group actively participating in fundamental drills suitable for all ages and skill levels, demonstrated and continually reinforced principals of balance, footwork and body position. As important as fundamental mechanics are, he also emphasized how important it is to play the game "properly". Encouraging coaches to set the tone early with their teams... hustle on and off the field, know where your equipment is when time to take the field. Communicate with coaches, teammates and officials with respect. Have the confidence to take charge of the team. Coach O'Brien emphasized the importance of being prepared as a coach. Have a written practice plan for each practice, and a plan for the succession of practices across the season. Coach O'Brien has exhibited these traits first hand, by being timely, organized, professional, and respectful in all of our dealings. I enthusiastically endorse Kevin as a Coach and appreciate his contributions to improve our program.

Pete Hunt
President, MYBS

"Kevin O'Brien brings an excitement that is truly contagious and inspiring. The energy that he brought to the clinic was amazing. All of the participants came out feeling good about what we learned and how to teach it. He filled in all the holes in what we thought we knew and broke it down into teachable examples and drills. Even someone like myself who'd been coaching children for over 30 years was truly inspired and re-energized and frankly, I learned more than I care to admit. We are seeing the results in the children that we teach in less than a year. Truly an amazing man!"

Gene DeMarco
Derry NH Little League

"I learned more about fundamentals in 2 hours than in my entire baseball career."

Jonathan Bornstein
Newton South East Little League

I thought this clinic was great. Great price as well! Kevin was professional and on time. I think the best part of the clinic was that it was kept simple and short. I also loved that the coaches actually had to participate with the drills. Our kids in Town will benefit greatly from our coaches attending this 2 hour clinic. I believe we were able to get many more coaches there because we were not asking them to give up a whole day!!

Steve Talbot
President, Dracut Baseball Association

Hello Kevin, Thanks again. The time went by very quickly and I enjoyed the hands on practical aspect of your clinic. There is no question that the coaches need coaching, if a coach was of the opinion that he wouldn't gain from attending - I'd challenge him to rethink that position, open his mind and give it a try. I was apprehensive to attend but within minutes I learned new approaches to old problems, got reminded of the things I knew, but had been forgotten and I confirmed that many of the things I'm doing are still good and to keep doing them. The very next practice I implemented 3 new drills, the players struggled at first but then it clicked and I saw a difference immediately. You are right that coaches are teachers and how we interact and what we teach will often affect the players in our care not just immediately but potentially for a lifetime, I certainly remember all of my previous coaches, some were excellent and some weren't so much. I want to be remembered as a coach who made a difference with a team who were proud, had fun and were successful and the brief time I spent in your clinic will help me reach that goal. I look forward to my next opportunity to learn from you.

kevin.gauthier@msn.comfor Newton Coach the Coach endorsement